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Garden Furniture

 Serengetti  Lounge - Bed 

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Great sitting Lounge Bed; also called "SERENGETTI LOUNGE-BED. This jewel for your Garden can be delivered as a Construction kit a-la Ikea. Very clear instructions with tekst and Pictures.

Or we can build it up in your Garden which takes a day.

Or a next possibility: We build it up and do also the painting with high quality varnish.

The last Possibility is: Complete with Matrass; pillows round and normal and the Curtains. So as you see on the pictures.

Ofcourse you decide which color you want.


1. Construction Set. You build it up yourselve.              Including all material:                        tl. 4.750,-

2. We build it up:                                   tl. 4.750,- 

3. Building up and Varnish:                   tl. 5.500,-

4. Complete with all decorations:          tl. 9.950,-

The Material used:

Wood: Pinewood
All connections have already been prepared and everything is cut to size. Including screws. The only supplies are: a good screwdriver or an electric one. Clear manual available with photos step by step.
Roof: Bamboo with a length of 1.5 meters. incl. nails
Mattress: High-quality ergonomically shaped and covered with imitation leather with zipper (water resistant)
Roll cushions: 2 pcs. Covered with imitation leather with zipper (water resistant)
Pillows: 4 pcs. Covered with Jute fabric
Choose colors yourself.

 Wooden  Plant - Pots 

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These Planters are made from Pinewood.

For the inside Pots we cover it with jute Twine. The final touch is with pieces of Bamboo.

There are 3 different sizes available.


40 cm                      tl. 625,-

60 cm                      tl. 795,-

100 cm                    tl. 995,-


The ouside Planters are also made from Pinewood and they are thick covered with white cement to get a texture. 3 different sizes available


40 cm                       tl. 450,-

60 cm                       tl. 575,-

100 cm                     tl. 750,-

Special Decor Planters are made out of a metal white Frame covered with torn palm leaves.


120 cm                     tl. 600,-

 Garden  Shower 

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Garden Shower is made from Pinewood.

Cranes and Shower Head can be choosen

We will assemble and secure the shower at your place.
Then it is painted in the color you want and then a high-quality varnish layer is applied.

Price depends on the size you want.

Shower shown is 220 cm high and 60 cm wide. Tread will be discussed with you. The shower shown has a running surface of 160 cm long and 60 cm wide
Shower shown costs: tl. 1.450, - Wood - Assembly - Painting
Shower head and taps: tl. 450, -

Installation of water to the shower comes as an extra amount

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